A Fresh Start

In my Bullet Journal, one page is dedicated to being grateful. I call it a “Gratitude Log” (I stole that name from a guy who made a YouTube video about Bullet Journalling).

Usually, I’ll write something in every day. One such entry, a few days ago, read: “New beginnings with boldness.”

Then my websites got hacked.

I had to start over and build from scratch. Talk about new beginnings with boldness. Whew!

Yet, there have been some amazing blessings that have come about from this seemingly unfortunate event.

  1. I had been unsure as to what I should do with my “Perk at Work” site — meaning, should I keep it only for that brand or should I use it to also reflect my own personal ideas? After the site went down, I decided to revisit my Tumblr site. I found that I really liked how it felt to have my comics on that site AND I could tag them, not just for local searches, but other Tumblr users could also find them using a hashtag search.
  2. I could also utilize Tumblr for my “In The Way” comic as well.
  3. This all meant I could make my own website as a hub if you will, with me in the center and my works on the outbound.
  4. I was able to purchase some security through my server hosting provider (please let it work!)
  5. There’s a peace that comes with losing something big and surviving it.

Sure, I lost all the content on my other sites (i.e., blog posts, comments, pages, etc.), but I built it before, I can build it again. And build it better.


A Chat with Charlie

Sometimes I like to do an “at home” comic. Not all the comics have to be at work, right?

Sheryl’s cat Charlie has made a few appearances. I’d love to show you… just still rebuilding the website and uploading the comics. If you’re signed up for my email list, I’ll see about showing you those other Charlie comics.

See more “Perk at Work” comics on Tumblr by clicking here.

Perked-Up Emails 

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