After reading it through, I found myself revisiting this book to admire the art. There’s a spot-on energy about the art that fits the story. I love it!

The story is a bit on the odd and obtuse side. It’s a zombie story with nostalgia and a twist. For me, the nostalgia is the best part about it. The setting seems to be based in the not-too-distant past, a time where cell phones were rare (if they even existed) and friends hung out for the sake of hanging out (and not to take selfies). This adds to the mystery and intrigue of the whole adventure, which I like. Also, it has just enough humor to make it fun without getting goofy.

The book was written and illustrated by Jim Campbell. I purchased this particular work when I met him at Denver Comic Con 2017. I enjoyed the energy he had about him and his booth. He had a record player playing a vinyl of his band if I remember correctly. He also had some additional items to accompany “At The Shore”: a soundtrack on tape as well as buttons. When I saw those, I was sold.

I won’t get too in depth with an analysis on plotline, dialogue, or writing in general. A few pages in, and it’s clear that Campbell is having fun with this work. And that’s how I read it. From what I understand, this book is a collection of shorter comic books. I’m not sure if it continues after this book but I hope so. I enjoyed it immensely!