In this episode of the Perk and Pub Podcast, we discuss the idea that “Fortune favors the bold.”

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Links to randomness in the podcast:

– Fortune Favors the Bold:
– The Founder:
– Mark Knopfler “Boom, Like That”:
– Mark Knopfler (full album) “Shangri-La”:
– Danny Elfman:
– Tim Burton:
– Michael Keaton:
– Batman:
– Mr. Mom:
– Multiplicity:
– Snowball microphone (with boom arm and pop filter):
– Audiobooks:
– “The Magic of Thinking Big”:
– “Authors and Narrators New Testament”:
– Mr. Money Mustache:
– Pinot Noir:
– “Bottle Rocket”:
– Lee Child’s “Night School”:
– My five books:
– Craftsman House:
– Conan:

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