I made it my goal today to complete a commercial for my “In The Way” book. I started out with:

  • no video footage
  • no music
  • no images
  • no script
  • no idea what I was going to do

But I didn’t let that stop me!

Check out the commercial, then I’ll tell you my process (in case you want to make one for your book or product):

I went onto the Adobe Stock Images site to find some cool stock video footage. I got excited when I saw all this really cool, sleek-looking footage of ladies laughing. My idea was that I was going to “talk” to the lady and she was going to respond with laughter, thumbs up, you get the idea.

But I soon realized that my subscription doesn’t allow for those videos. An eight-second clip may cost me around $80.00!

I tossed out my script and went a different route. Here’s what I did:

  1. I found a panorama pic of outer space and nabbed it. I then slapped that into iMovie.
  2. In iMovie, you can choose jingles. I chose “Borealis,” a 30-second jingle that felt outer-spacey.
  3. Then I opened up GarageBand and messed around a bit. I didn’t write a script down, just had an idea in my head so I ran with it.
  4. In GarageBand, I used three different voice filters: “Delay Vocal” for the start, “Telephone Vocal” for the intercom, and “Narration Vocal” for the regular narration.
  5. I exported the vocal tracks as an MP3 then brought that into iMovie.
  6. I was going to get fancy and create a sleek-looking book but I just took a pic with my phone, emailed it to myself, then cut it out in Photoshop, saved it as a PNG (so it would “float” on the space pic).
  7. I applied a “Ken Burns” effect to both the space pic and the book pic.
  8. I then created that last frame in Photoshop
  9. I added some transitions, tweaked the music, and viola! I had a commercial
  10. From there, I uploaded it to YouTube and to Facebook.

Here are some pics of the process:

This is all the vocals. Simple, eh?

Ken Burns effect of the space panorama pic.

Ken Burns effect of the book.

This is the whole finished product in iMovie.

I’m learning After Effects and using that program may have yielded a more polished commercial, but to teach myself what I needed to know and get the commercial done may have been a bit much.

This commercial is a starting point. I can always do more in After Effects once I get the hang of it.

One last thing: If you’re unfamiliar with my comic “In The Way,” you can check it out by clicking here. If you like it, get the book by clicking here.

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