“Perk at Work” is a comic strip about a café worker, Perk, and his daily interactions with customers, coworkers, and his boss.

“In The Way” is a collection of faith-based comic strips and writings revolving around the Messianic Judaism / Hebrew Roots movement. That said, not everything has that specific theme. Most of them are about Biblical stories, faith, and basic Christianity. Dig in!

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In The Way #24 — Robo-Rabbi

In The Way #24 — Robo-Rabbi

This is one of my favorites. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a big proponent of loving each other, regardless of how hard that can be at times. Obedience is fine and dandy, but obedience without love is, as Paul would say, is just a clanging cymbal (I Cor. 13:1). Click...

Book release party was a hauntingly good time

Book release party was a hauntingly good time

Just a quick note: the release party for "The Sugar Skull Ghost Thief" was a blast! I had a lot help with this event. Special thanks to Amaro Winery for hosting the event. Also, thanks to Felipe Alvarez and Boar's Head for sponsoring with AMAZING food. Also, thanks to...

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

In my Bullet Journal, one page is dedicated to being grateful. I call it a "Gratitude Log" (I stole that name from a guy who made a YouTube video about Bullet Journalling). Usually, I'll write something in every day. One such entry, a few days ago, read: "New...

What are the conversations we have over coffee? How about over a pint of beer or a glass of wine? Well, you’ve found them. Ranging from writing a novel to conspiracy theories to productivity to… well, anything.

Photo by Yvette Lopez

Brief Bio:

I am a humorist at heart. Not necessarily a comedian, but a humorist. They overlap but are different fields. At any rate, as a humorist, I take the world into my brain, slosh it around a bit, then produce artistic works in an effort to communicate a point, a theory, a concept, or a perspective.

While many know me as a cartoonist, due to my comic strips “Perk at Work” and “In The Way,” I am more of a writer. After all, comics are written before they are illustrated. Even then, I find more pleasure in the written word without illustrations.

I have worked at a bunch of different places doing a variety of jobs, all the while continuing to work on my creative endeavors.

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